Learning & Organization Development is proud to offer 2 portable, nationally recognized certificate programs as well as 6 in-house certificate programs. These certificates are the perfect way to thoroughly explore the depth and breadth of a particular subject area. With a focus on leveraging your current experience and understanding, while also providing you with additional insight and perspective, core workshops help you maximize your professional success.

2024 Certificate Requirements

  • Certificates of Excellence opportunities are open to all Duke employees and are available in several disciplines based on specific areas of professional responsibility.
  • Those seeking a Certificate of Excellence must submit a completed application. Multiple certificates may be worked on at the same time, as long as the courses are completed within three years.
  • All Certificates of Excellence must be completed within three years and L&OD encourages you to take at least two courses per year until the certificate is complete.
  • Courses are instructor-led by an L&OD facilitator either online or virtually. There is no requirement for the number of course hours completed, except when pursuing a Technology Certificate of Excellence. Candidates for the Technology Certificate must complete a total 32-hours of required coursework, by completing four eight-hour courses.
  • Managers should be involved in the identification and selection of the certificate their employee is applying for.

Please note: L&OD required a number of elective courses as part of each certificate before 2024. This transition to all core classes may present some challenges. There may be courses you have already taken as part of a certificate and now they are considered core for a different certificate. As long as those courses were taken in the last three years, they may be counted toward the new certificate. If it has been longer than three years since you were in that elective class, you will need to re-enroll in a new offering of that course. There is always something new to learn!

Learning & Organization Development Certificates of Excellence

I feel my career moving forward because of L&OD. It gives me an extra boost of confidence to continue serving Duke by producing quality work with those I support.

Veronica Mills (25 years at Duke)

Need Help Getting Started?

Choosing to pursue one of L&OD’s certificate programs demonstrates to your leaders and your colleagues an ongoing interest in and commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. When considering which certificate program may be right for you, we encourage you to

  1. Discuss the Certificate of Excellence options below and your career development interests with your manager or supervisor.
  2. Complete an application for each Certificate of Excellence
  3. Chart your progress towards a Certificate of Excellence!

Other nationally recognized certificates:

  1. Certified Executive Administrative Professional – CEAP (Contact: Marjorie Siegert - marjorie.siegert@duke.edu)
  2. HR Strategic Business Partner (Contact: Michelle Jones - michelle.jones@duke.edu)


8 Core Requirements:

  • Be A Star Achiever (Module 1)
  • Star-Achieving Techniques (Module 2)
  • Building Star Partnerships (Module 3)
  • Reaching Stardom (Module 4)
  • Be A Shining Star (Module 5)
  • Give a Stellar Performance (Module 6)
  • Stellar Collaborator (Module 7)
  • Future Focused Star Performer (Module 8)

Communication skills in the workplace include a mix of verbal and non-verbal abilities. Learn more about the importance of effective communication and how you can improve.

5 Required Courses:

  1. Communicating with Diplomacy & Tact 1
  2. Communicating with Diplomacy & Tact 2
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Navigating Challenging Personalities
  5. Personality & Effective Communication

2 Core Requirements:

  • The HR Business Partner
  • Finding the Strategy in HR Analytics: Linking HR to Business

2 Electives:
Any two of the following courses:

  • Total Rewards
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Development
  • Employee Relations

Are you a people leader interested in enhancing management skills or an executive looking for effective leadership training? Equip yourself with the tools necessary to assume the right role at the right time and respond effectively.

6 Required Courses:

  1. Transformational Leadership
  2. CC®: For Mastering Dialogue
  3. Emotional Intelligence: The Emotionally Effective Leader
  4. Managing from the Middle
  5. Dimensions of Management
  6. Raising Accountability when Managing a Hybrid Team

We sometimes lose ourselves in the day-to-day, but taking a pause to remember or to discover core strengths is essential to career growth and professional development.

This certificate program was designed for leaders at all levels who want to demonstrate stronger leadership capabilities. Self-leadership creates the impetus for partnering with managers or supervisors and to ask for what is needed to become more effective in the workplace!

6 Required Courses:

  1. Self Leadership
  2. Managing Multiple Priorities
  3. Resilience: Skills to Endure Hardship
  4. Critical Thinking Skills: Strategies to Improve
  5. CliftonStrengths® for Individual Contributors
  6. Valuing Differences

Are you interested in moving into a supervisory role? Do you need to improve your supervisory skills? Supervisors are responsible for making sure other employees are doing their job and performing to the best of their ability.

This certificate program cultivates the critical supervisory skills that you will need to develop others, monitor performance and make decisions.

6 Required Courses:

  1. Fundamentals of Coaching
  2. Keys to Supervisory Success
  3. Moving from Peer to Supervisor
  4. SL II®
  5. Leader as Coach
  6. Feedback Fundamentals

4 Required Courses:

Complete a total of four, 8-hour courses; the courses must be TWO levels in TWO areas of Technology (a total of 32 hours).

NOTE: Only, 8-hour courses qualify for the Technology Certificate of Excellence. Course choices can be Level 1 & 2 or Level 2 & 3 and you must choose TWO areas in either Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.


  • Word Level 1 and 2 and Excel Level 2 and 3
  • PowerPoint Level 1 and 2 and Access Level 1 and 2

Are you a new trainer seeking tips and techniques or an experienced trainer looking for ways to increase learner engagement? Are you looking to start a new career as a trainer? You will find this course valuable in increasing your understanding of the training function.

5 Required Courses:

  1. Train the Trainer Boot Camp
    • Registration secures a seat in all three train the trainer courses:
      • T1: Basics of Training
      • T2: Designing Training
      • T3: Instructor-Led Training
  2. Facilitate Virtual Training
  3. Project Management: Applied Essentials