The Duke Career Resource Center is committed to helping Duke employees be strategic about career change and advancement opportunities. Helpful, knowledgeable recruitment staff are available for appointments with you for guidance on writing a strong resume, goal setting, career planning, brainstorming educational opportunities, and mock interviewing.

Services are for Duke employees only. Students and Duke Temporary Service staff are not eligible. 

Your Career at Duke Workshop

This free, confidential workshop explores strategies and best practices for resume writing, searching for jobs at Duke, interviewing, and networking.


Career Planning

It is important that you spend adequate time taking an inventory of your interests, skills, values, personality and work environment preferences. This step will provide the foundation for identifying the job that is right for you.


People are perhaps the most important source of information about job opportunities or careers at Duke. During your professional exploration, visit the web sites for all of Duke's academic schools and institutes and the research efforts and expansive medical operation to explore individual departments and learn more about work culture, research and programs.

Resume Writing

All Duke staff interested in a job change receive consideration for current job openings by submitting a resume online. You may choose to cut and paste an electronic resume.

Job Interviews

Preparation is essential for effective interviewing.


To choose references, identify former or current supervisors who are willing to positively speak to your skills and qualifications. Take time to contact each person to bring them up to speed on what you have been doing and send them a copy of your current resume to highlight your major accomplishments.

Job Offers

Once you receive a job offer resist the urge to respond immediately. Express your appreciation for the offer and request a day or two to make a decision.

Layoff Support

In the event of a Reduction in Force, the Resource Center will provide job search support. For more information on RIF guidelines/procedures, please visit the Reduction-in-Force Policy.

Mandatory Reassignment

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires Duke to make reasonable accommodations for employees with a disability. While instances of reassignment are rare, Disability Management, in conjunction with Duke Recruitment and Resource Center, works closely with the receiving department and hiring manager to coordinate a start date and assist with the transition as necessary. For more information, please visit the Disability Management website or call 919-668-1329.

Career Exploration

Are you thinking about a career change or returning to school? Thinking about transferring from a University job to a position in the Health System? The Resource Center provides opportunities for brain storming and planning your next step. This website provides useful points to consider.

Recommended Reading

The recommended readings are resources to help employees learn how to take advantage of professional development opportunities within Duke University and Duke Health System.

Internal Transfers

Duke offers numerous opportunities for staff to transfer into other positions. To be eligible for a job transfer at Duke, you must have worked at least 6 months in your current position. In addition, you cannot have received formal performance or conduct counseling with a corrective action within the last six months of employment.