People are perhaps the most important source of information about job opportunities or careers at Duke. During your professional exploration, visit the web sites for all of Duke's academic schools and institutes and the research efforts and expansive medical operation to explore individual departments and learn more about work culture, research and programs.

As you start to meet people, remember that you are approaching them for information. Avoid asking for a job. Networking is a way of gathering facts that will be invaluable when you begin your efforts to transfer into a new position.

At this point you may be saying to yourself, "I don't know anybody!" Don't panic. Duke offers many opportunities to meet and connect with people. For a list of upcoming events at Duke, please visit the Duke Events Calendar.

Make Your Contact List

As you mix and mingle throughout Duke, you will start building a network of people to help in your search. Consider contacting departmental managers for informational interviews. Calling the offices of a potential employer can produce many interesting results. 

Reading Duke news publications and web sites is an excellent way of researching potential contacts. Those featured or quoted in articles may end up becoming potential contacts.