All Duke staff interested in a job change receive consideration for current job openings by submitting a resume online. You may choose to cut and paste an electronic resume.

If you do not have access to a computer and would like to submit a resume, you may utilize computer kiosks available at the main HR office located at 705 Broad Street, the Duke Hospital HR office, the Duke Raleigh Hospital HR office, the Durham Regional Hospital HR office, or at any University library.

Call the Recruitment Resource Center at Duke Clinic if you wish to schedule time for their kiosks in Duke Clinic, 919.684.5406.

Prepare a Cover Letter**

Some hiring departments at Duke may ask candidates to submit a cover letter to express interest in a specific position. The cover letter is an expression of your sincere interest and special qualifications for a position. We recommend you keep the letter two to three paragraphs long.

  • First Paragraph
    • State why you are writing
    • Tell where you heard about the job
    • Mention your major qualifications for the job
    • Italicize or underline the newspaper name or website
  • Second Paragraph
    • Mention one or two facts about the department
    • Relate educational accomplishments to the job
    • Relate experience to the job
    • Match your qualifications with the needs of the department
  • Third Paragraph
    • Ask for an interview
    • Include a phone number where you can be reached
    • Indicate the best time to call
  • Sample Cover Letter (PDF format)

Before mailing, review the cover letter. Make sure the letters is compelling. Ask yourself, "Does this letter make the hiring manager want to meet me?"

** Adapted from "Professional Secretaries International Complete Office Handbook: the Secretary's Guide to Today's Electronic Office"

Important Points for the Duke Jobs Website

  • Complete all fields in each section of the Duke Jobs web site.
  • List all duties, skills and experience from each job you have held; use keywords to enhance your opportunity for a match within this system.
  • When cutting and pasting an electronic resume, some formatting may be lost. This does not affect the content or consideration of your resume.
  • If you wish to update your resume, simply resubmit it via the Duke Jobs web site, using the same first and last name as in your previous submission.
  • You may submit up to 5 copies of your resume.

Avoid the Resume Black Hole

Concerned about getting the silent treatment when you submit your resume to a company online? This article provides some insight on where your resume goes and how to get it into the hands of a hiring manager.

Checklist for Coverletters

  • Is it on one page?
  • Is it printed on good — quality bond paper?
  • Is the layout attractive?
  • Are spelling, grammar, and punctuation correct?
  • Is it addressed to an individual?