Duke is a large, multi-tiered and interconnected organization. At your New Staff Orientation session, facilitators will explain the organizational structure, provide an overview of all that is available to you at Duke, and describe your benefit options in detail. This is also a great opportunity to network with people you would not ordinarily meet.

There are separate New Staff Orientation sessions:

  • Duke University staff: includes non-medical university employees
  • Duke Health staff: includes those employed by Duke University Health System, the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing and the Private Diagnostic Clinic.

Duke Health team members must attend Day 1 at Duke Health orientation on their first day of work and complete Duke Health Orientation modules via the Learning Management System (LMS) within the first two weeks of employment. Before the first 30 days, new team members must enroll in Duke Health benefits. The Benefits Decision Guide provides additional guidance on how to select benefits.

For Duke University staff, an overview of benefits is provided in the Learning Management System. Because of the 30-day enrollment window, we strongly recommend that you start reviewing your benefit options now on the Benefits web page. Be sure to call the Human Resources Information Center with all of your questions. Remember to turn in your benefit enrollment forms within your first 30 days either at your New Staff Orientation session, or at the Duke Human Resources office at 705 Broad Street.

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With more than 33,000 faculty and staff, Duke is the largest private employer in the Triangle area. Visit the Quick Facts web site for additional facts and figures about Duke.

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