Duke is actively engaged with its neighbors throughout Durham to build and maintain a vibrant and dynamic community. Through such efforts as the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership, Duke is working with local communities to improve the quality of life and boost student achievement. Duke also supports opportunities for students and staff to perform community service in Durham. In addition, members of the community can participate in more than 300 continuing education courses offered through Duke, including writers' workshops, summer camps and information technology training.

  • Duke & Durham site
  • Doing Good in the Neighborhood - Duke University and Duke University Health System provide significant, ongoing support to Durham’s schools, neighborhoods and non-profit organizations. Every year, the Doing Good in the Neighborhood campaign invites Duke employees to join that effort by donating to one or more of several giving options.
  • Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership -The Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership was created to build relationships with the 12 neighborhoods nearest the Duke campus and the seven public schools that serve them.
  • Community Service - Get involved in the community by finding ways to volunteer and give back. Opportunities for community service are posted on the Durham and Regional Affairs website.
  • Visiting Duke - Maps, directions and campus attractions.
  • Durham Public Schools