Effective talent development is a continuously active collaboration between Duke supervisors and staff. Duke supervisors are responsible for guiding and supporting the professional development of their staff by offering learning opportunities, creating professional development protocols, and providing coaching and feedback. To assist supervisors in providing such opportunities for staff, Duke offers programs and resources that can help staff earn academic credit through continuing education or enhance their work-related skills.

Professional Development Plan

A professional development plan documents the goals, required skill and competency development, and objectives a staff member will need to accomplish in order to support continuous improvement and career development. A professional development plan is created by the manager working closely with the staff member to identify the necessary skills and resources to support the staff member's career goals and the organization's business needs.

Certificate Program

Learning & Organization Development offers portable, nationally recognized certificate programs that focus on leveraging employees' current experience and understanding, while also providing additional insight and perspective to help maximize professional success.

Duke Leadership Academy

The Duke Leadership Academy offers emerging leaders from across the university the opportunity to participate in a unique 12-month development initiative based on the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE) leadership model.  The curriculum includes a focus on leadership and management styles and behaviors to implement strategy.

Duke Management Academy

The Duke Management Academy is part of Learning and Organization Development's commitment to develop leaders at all levels within Duke University and Health System. The target audience for the Duke Management Academy (DMA) includes the middle manager within all business units who are experienced managers and gifted leaders, who want to sharpen their leadership skills.

Guide to Managing at Duke

Guide to Managing at Duke and Guide to Managing at Duke Plus are program that prepare and equip University and DUHS managers to meet changing strategic, operational, and work culture objectives through effective managerial practices.