The Duke Management Academy (DMA) is part of Learning and Organization Development's commitment to develop leaders at all levels within Duke University and Health System. The target audience for the Duke Management Academy (DMA) includes the middle manager within all business units who are experienced managers and gifted leaders, who want to sharpen their leadership skills.

All nominees must have the following:

  • Job level of 12-15 or below 98 or the equivalent job level within the health system.
  • Have employees reporting to them or possess a large area of responsibility, which requires supervision of employees' daily work.
  • Has worked at Duke for a minimum of three years and in their current leadership position for a minimum of one year.
  • Hold a rank of senior manager, assistant/associate director, department leader, assistant/associate, department chair, faculty, instructor, lecturer, or other middle management level role.

An official Duke sponsor who is their Dean, Vice President or highest-ranking official within a division, department or school.

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Participation will require twelve months of professional development with full participation in all classes and completion of all learning assignments:

  • Duke Management Academy requires a commitment of 1 to 2 days in the first 3 months of training, followed by 6 months of 1 – 2 half days a month.
  • Throughout the year, you will be working with a small group of fellow scholars on an active learning case study. This will require an additional 8-10 hours a month which will be up to the team to plan and execute.
  • As we get closer to October, your project may require additional time to complete your team's paper & PPT presentation.
  • Dates for classes are usually 4 weeks apart and are not consistently set, for example, every other Wednesday from 9 - 5.
  • Once you apply you will receive a list of the class dates and times, which will meet in person at 402 Oregon Street, in the Shaner Room. You must commit to being present for all sessions.


The Duke Management Academy (DMA) is a significant investment in your professional growth, by Duke, your leaders, and by you. Participants nominate themselves, and must obtain a letter of recommendation from the Division leadership as outlined above. Candidates will be chosen from a pool of nominees based on the strength of their application, Statement of Intent, and Letter of Recommendation.

Organizing Framework: Leadership Competencies

  • Differentiate the manager's role at the individual, team, department, division or entity level
  • Operationalize mission, vision and values of the organization
  • Performance coaching & commitment to develop others
  • Change leadership and agility in times of crisis
  • Communication across the organization
  • Financial acumen in current and future roles
  • Commitment to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion across Duke

The art and science of leadership is at the heart of the learning you will gain in the 2023 Duke Management Academy. We are looking for employees ready for their next stage of career growth as leaders, wanting to expand their effectiveness within their current and future roles.

You must have a drive toward operational excellence, as well as effective people skills and leadership savvy. The art of leadership is proactive, mindful awareness of the needs, strengths and resources of all who serve as stewards of Duke's mission and vision.

360 Leadership Assessment

Each participant will take Learning and Organization Development's Leadership Competency Profile to evaluate areas of strength and areas where leadership development is needed. It is also an opportunity for you to determine whether or not your self-perception of your level of leadership competence is in line with the perception of your manager, peers, coworkers, customers, and employees. This is the reason for the title of the leadership assessment. You will be getting a holistic picture, or 360 degree view, of your leadership style.

Following the 360 Leadership Assessment, you will have a chance to debrief your results with one of our leadership coaches on the L&OD Team. These coaches will help you sort out the scoring from each of these responders so that you can develop a targeted professional development plan.

You will get all of the information about the 360 Leadership Assessment in an email once you are accepted into the program.

Application Process

There are three steps in the Duke Management Academy application process. Below you will find the recommended order for each step in the process, as they build upon one another.

Please have all requested documents completed and ready to be uploaded before you start filling out the application. All items requested must be uploaded with your application at the same time.

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Upload the following documents to the application:
    • Current resume
    • Letter of recommendation from your Dean, Vice President, or highest-ranking official in your organization.
    • Essay about why you want to be part of the academy (maximum two pages).
  3. Your immediate supervisor will be sent a link to a Qualtrics survey. This must be completed and sent to Joy Birmingham after the application has been submitted. You will be contacted before the close of the application period if we did not receive it.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact Joy Birmingham, Associate Director of Leadership and Professional Development, at one of the following:

All items requested must be uploaded with your application at the same time.

Application deadline: November 3, 2023 by COB
Notification of Acceptance: December 8, 2023 by COB

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