Guide to Managing at Duke is a three-day program that prepares and equips University and DUHS managers to meet changing strategic, operational, and work culture objectives through effective managerial practices. Program participants will develop and enhance skills and perspectives that are essential for managers and leaders. This is accomplished using interactive skill practice, engaged discussion, and other learning methods as we work through the human resources cycle:

  • recruitment and selection
  • onboarding
  • performance management
  • building a positive work culture
  • diversity and inclusion
  • managing change

Schedule & Registration

  1. Approval from department leadership is required; please first consult with the person you report to. Then ...
  2. Please contact the entity HR representative for your area to find out when the next Guide to Managing at Duke is scheduled, and to register.

Guide to Managing at Duke (DUHS)

EntityProgram RegistrarEmailPhone
Duke Regional HospitalMichelle 613-7600
Private Diagnostic ClinicsJennifer 613-7774
PRMOAmy 620-5164
PRMOCarma 479-2704
DUHS Clinical LaboratoriesLaurelin 660-0418
Duke Health Technology SolutionsElena 613-3671
Duke Health Technology SolutionsClaire 668-5257
Duke Primary CareJennifer 681-9484
Duke Homecare & HospiceChristine 479-0399
Duke Homecare & HospiceNesha 620-3853
Duke Raleigh HospitalMegan 954-3381
DUHS Corporate/AdministrationSarah Woodard - admin 684-5680
Duke Cancer InstituteJeff 684-4211
Duke University HospitalAnita Brownanita.brown@duke.edu919-668-2170
Clinical Program Development & AffiliateMary Jo 419-5022

Guide to Managing at Duke (Trans-Duke Entities/Depts.)

EntityProgram RegistrarEmailPhone
Duke Clinical Research InstituteKara 668-8716
Duke Clinical Research InstituteAnissa 668-7035
Duke Office of Clinical ResearchDenise 812-6169
Duke Office of Clinical ResearchMitchelle 684-4366
School of Medicine (incl. all subentities)Michelle 613-7600
Duke Eye CenterMike 684-0415
Duke Health & Well-Being (Fitness Center)Jennifer 660-6652
Duke Health & Well-Being (Fitness Center)Bruce 681-4165
Duke Health & Well-Being (Integrative Med)Teresa 660-6681
School of NursingAngie 684-9323

Guide to Managing at Duke (University)

EntityProgram RegistrarEmailPhone
Provost OfficeGwendolyn 684-3501
Facilities ManagementMichelle 660-4222
Office of Information TechnologyMartay 668-6818