Duke offers two different types of retirement plans. Eligibility for participation in these plans is determined by whether you are paid biweekly or monthly, regardless of whether you are employed at Duke University, or Duke University Health System. Both plans are designed to play a part of a comprehensive retirement income strategy.

Biweekly Paid Employees

Biweekly paid employees are eligible for two Duke retirement plans — the Employees' Retirement Plan and the Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan.

  • The Employees' Retirement Plan is a traditional defined benefit pension plan designed to provide you with a guaranteed monthly income at your retirement, paid for entirely by Duke.
  • The Duke Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan, which is a 403(b) plan, allows you to make voluntary contributions from your paycheck and supplement your retirement savings.

Monthly Paid Employees

Faculty and monthly paid staff are eligible for the Duke Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan. This 403(b) plan is funded by both your voluntary contributions and Duke's contributions.

How to Learn More

  • Meet with a Fidelity representative for a confidential, complimentary financial consultation, to help with savings and retirement goals.
  • Reach out to us - contact the Duke Human Resource Information Center with questions about your retirement plans:

Your Retirement Plan at Duke

Biweekly Employees

Watch this presentation for an overview of the Duke retirement plan for non-exempt (biweekly-paid) employees. 

Monthly Employees

Watch this presentation for an overview of the Duke retirement plan for exempt (monthly-paid) employees. 

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is an ongoing journey and there are resources to help you feel prepared.

Retirement Planning