The Duke Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan is a 403(b) retirement savings plan offered by Duke. You can voluntarily contribute to your retirement through this 403(b) plan regardless of whether you are an employee paid on a biweekly basis or an employee paid on a monthly basis. This plan is available to Duke University and Duke University Health System eligible employees.

You are eligible to participate immediately in the Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan and may direct the investments you select through Fidelity. Duke has established a tiered line up to make your investment choices easier.

How the Plan Works

The Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan provides you with an option to make voluntary contributions on a pre-tax basis, a Roth after-tax basis, or a combination of both. Learn how to enroll in the Duke Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan as well as how to change contributions, change beneficiaries or request withdrawals or loans.

Duke's Contributions

Eligible salaried employees paid monthly are eligible for Duke’s contribution towards their Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan after completing one year of service and reaching age 21. You may be eligible to waive the one year wait for the Duke contribution if you meet certain criteria. Vesting rules apply.

Eligible employees paid on an hourly or biweekly basis may receive a retirement benefit through a pension paid entirely by Duke through the Employees' Retirement Plan.

Tiered Investment Options

Duke offers a tiered approach to investing, based on how hands-on you want to be with your investment funds.

Default Investment Alternative

If you have a payroll deduction set up to contribute into the 403(b) plan or will start receiving Duke’s contribution but have not chosen specific funds through Fidelity Investments, your contributions will be automatically deposited in the qualified default investment options.

Investment Carriers

Fidelity Investments is the primary retirement service provider for recordkeeping services for the Duke Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan.

Performance Information and Fee Disclosure

The Investment Performance and Fee Disclosure report provides information about funds in the 403(b) plan. This information may assist you in making informed decisions with respect to your Plan.

Summary Plan Description

Please refer to the Summary Plan Description for further details about the Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions you may have about the Plan.