Fidelity is the primary recordkeeper for retirement services, including investment options, loans and hardship distributions.

Set up an appointment with a Fidelity representative to discuss your questions concerning the funds offered, asset allocation, portfolio planning and investment options after retirement. Fidelity representatives are available to meet with you in person or assist over the phone.

TIAA will only offer the TIAA Traditional Annuity account. Contact TIAA if you have questions about the TIAA Traditional Account.

Active Recordkeepers



National Phone: (800) 343-0860
Web Site:
Account: Access Your Fidelity Account

Local Contacts:

Alan CollinsAlan.collins@fidelity.com919-491-4946
Yvette MillsYvette.mills@fidelity.com919-444-8603
Cleo MorganCleo.Morgan@Fidelity.com919-500-1056

Fidelity Retail Office:
7011 Fayetteville Rd.
Suite 110
Durham, NC 27713

Investment Performance

The Investment Performance Summary contains a list of the investment options available to employees who participate in the 403(b) retirement plan at Duke.

Investment Performance Summary

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Local Phone: (919) 687-5200 / (866) 904-7804
National Phone: (800) 842-2776
Web Site:
Appointments: (866) 904-7804
Account: Access Your TIAA Account

Local office: 5425 Page Rd.
Suite 220
Durham, NC 27703

Frozen Account / Previous Recordkeeper

Corebridge Financial (AIG/VALIC)

Contact: Tom Overcash (
Local Phone: (919) 401-3200
National Phone: (800) 448-2542
Web Site:
Appointments: (919) 401-3200
Account: Access Your Corebridge Financial Account

Local office: 3211 Shannon Road
Suite 600 (6th floor)
Durham, NC 27707