The merchandise on display at the LIVE FOR LIFE Store is part of the LIVE FOR LIFE Dollars incentive program.

Duke employees eligible for healthcare benefits can earn LIVE FOR LIFE Dollars by participating in several LIVE FOR LIFE programs, including:

Items such as fitness DVDs, yoga mats, fitbits, fleece jackets, water bottles and much more are available through the LIVE FOR LIFE Store.

Donating Your LIVE FOR LIFE Dollars

Don't know what to do with all of your Live for Life dollars? Donate them to patients on the Duke Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit! Live for Life and Duke PBMT are partnering to support kids who are walking laps on the 5200 unit in Duke Hospital to help keep their lungs and legs strong. Patients on 5200 participate in a special walking program called "Steps to Recovery" where they earn plastic footprints for every 5 laps they walk. This partnership with LFL would be a greater incentive for them to walk their way back to health!

A collection box is located at the LFL front desk, located in the LIVE FOR LIFE office in Duke Clinic, sub-basment Orange Zone (Room 00320).