Step right up to Take the Stairs, a stair-stepping program that can help you increase your physical activity and earn prizes.

Commit and climb your way through the different levels of stair-stepping, from the equivalent of a mile (2,000 steps) to the equivalent of a marathon (52,400 steps). Sign- up and record your sessions online to earn LFL dollars as you complete each level. Dollar amounts are listed below.

Prize List

  • One mile (2,000 steps): 25 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
  • 5k (6,200 steps): 45 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
  • 10k (12,400 steps): 50 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
  • Half marathon (26,200 steps): 70 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
  • Marathon (52,400 steps): 120 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars

*in-office pick-up only (Duke South)

How to Participate

  1. Sign up online.
  2. Keep track of your stair stepping on the provided log sheets:
  3. Submit your sessions online.

Climb your way to success by keeping a log of how many stairs you climb-both up and down. Take the Stairs is an ongoing program, so register now to start tracking your steps. Participation in this program is limited to twice per calendar year.