Step right up to Take the Stairs, a stair-stepping program that can help you increase your physical activity, get closer to your health goals, and earn prizes.

Simply keep a log of how many stairs you climb - both up and down. Daily progress can be recorded in an electronic file (Microsoft Excel) which automatically calculates totals, or on a personal paper logsheet.

*Submit to DUMC Box 3200 or fax to 919-684-1852

Work your way through the different levels of stair-stepping, from the equivalent of a mile (2,000 steps) to the equivalent of a marathon (52,400 steps). As you reach each level, you can record your session online or submit your log files to LIVE FOR LIFE to receive a prize from the LIVE FOR LIFE store. You will receive a prize for each level submitted. Note: Participants will be rewarded UP TO ONE complete set of prizes  PLUS one additional marathon per year.

When you reach different numbers of steps, equivalent to distances from a mile to a marathon, email or fax your log to LIVE FOR LIFE to receive prizes from the LIVE FOR LIFE store.

Set yourself a goal of completing each level within a timeframe suggested by LIVE FOR LIFE, or simply work through the levels at your own pace.

No matter what the pace, stair climbing is a great addition to your exercise plan. It doesn't require any special equipment. You can do it just about anywhere. It's free. And there's no need to worry about the weather.

Take the Stairs is an ongoing program. Register now to receive more information and start tracking your steps.

Prize List

  • One mile (2,000 steps):
    25 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
  • 5k (6,200 steps):
    45 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
  • 10k (12,400 steps):
    50 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
  • Half marathon (26,200 steps):
    70 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
  • Marathon (52,400 steps):
    120 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars

*in-office pick-up only (Duke South)