Increase your flexibility, improve your cardiovascular health, and increase your strength with the Take Ten "Energize Your Work Day" Program. This self-paced incentive program encourages Duke faculty and staff to participate in physical activity twice a day for 10 minutes at a time. Participants may earn up to $260 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars per activity by completing levels 1-5. Only one activity may be submitted at a time.

Online registration is required, and three activity options are available. Participants must choose among the Take Ten Stretch, Walk or Strength options. Various guides and resources are available online for each activity.

Keep track of how often you Take Ten by completing the provided log sheets. When a log sheet is complete, record your progress online to receive LIVE FOR LIFE dollars, which may be used to purchase items from the LIVE FOR LIFE store. The programs are divided into five separate levels of achievement, which include an increasing number of Take Ten sessions.

How to Participate

  1. Choose a Take Ten activity option and print off the activity guide (guide not applicable for Take Ten Walk).
  2. Register online.
  3. Print off your Take Ten log sheets to keep track of your daily sessions.

Submit completed levels online and earn incentives

  1. Using the provided log sheets, record the number of sessions (maximum of two per day) that you complete. Activity guides include various exercises, constituting one session. All the exercises must be completed for each session. Take Ten Walk does not include an activity guide, instead, simply spend 10 minutes walking.  
  2. There are five Take Ten levels of achievement. After you complete all sessions in a level, submit your progress online. For each submitted level you will earn LIVE FOR LIFE dollars, which will be sent out via campus mail.  
  3. Each level starts over with zero sessions. The levels do not build upon each other, but begin anew.  
  4. Once you have fully completed all five levels of your chosen Take Ten activity, you may re-register for Take Ten "Energize Your Work Day" again and select another activity option.

Activity Options

Take Ten participants are required to choose one of the activity options below. After completing all five levels of achievement for the selected Take Ten activity, participants may re-register for Take Ten "Energize Your Work Day" and select another activity. Please be sure to print a copy of your activity guide if you select the Take Ten Stretch or Strength activity.

Take Ten Stretch

Take Ten Walk - no guide, simply walk 10 minutes

Benefits of Walking

Take Ten Strength

Additional LIVE FOR LIFE Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Take Ten is a new incentive program that encourages Duke faculty and staff to get energized for ten minutes twice a day. Participants will choose from 3 Take Ten programs; Take Ten Stretch, Take Ten Walk, or Take Ten Strength and complete the ten minute program a maximum of two times per day (Monday through Friday).

Participants will keep track of their Take Ten sessions using the provided log sheets as they strive to reach pre-determined levels established by LIVE FOR LIFE. Completed levels from the log sheets will be reported on-line on the Take Ten level submission webpage.

  • Take Ten Program Levels
    Level One: 10 sessions, $10 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
    Level Two: 30 sessions, $30 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
    Level Three: 50 sessions, $50 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
    Level Four: 70 sessions, $70 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars
    Level Five: 100 sessions, $100 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars

As soon as you register.

  1. Complete the online registration.
  2. Call LIVE FOR LIFE Office 684-3136 (option 1)
  3. Visit the LIVE FOR LIFE Office, 0429 Duke South Clinic 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., M-F (except Wednesdays-12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.)

Take Ten "Energize Your Work Day" is an independent program, although we highly encourage group supported sessions.

Yes. All participants who report their sessions on-line will receive LIFE FOR LIFE dollars when each level is completed. LIVE FOR LIFE dollars can be used to purchase items from our LIVE FOR LIFE store.

  • Option A:
    • Go online and select the item(s) you would like to purchase with your LIVE FOR LIFE dollars.
    • Come to the LIVE FOR LIFE office located in the Duke South Clinics, Room 04290, Red Zone  
  • Option B:
    • Go online and select the item(s) you would like to purchase with your LIVE FOR LIFE dollars.
    • Fill out the LIVE FOR LIFE Incentive Order Form
    • Mail your Order Form with the correct amount of LIVE FOR LIFE dollars to: LIVE FOR LIFE, Box 3200 Duke Clinic, Durham, NC 27710
    • Once LIVE FOR LIFE receives your Order Form and dollars, your incentives will be mailed to you via campus mail. LIVE FOR LIFE is not responsible for damaged items sent through campus mail.

Participants will record their Take Ten sessions on the log sheets provided to them by LIVE FOR LIFE and submit completed levels on-line. Participants will receive their LIVE FOR LIFE dollars via campus mail.