As the hiring manager, you should help promote and describe for candidates the rich environment in which employees work -- from the challenging work and cutting-edge facilities to the robust benefits, resources and diversity of events available on campus.


Duke employs more than 30,000 faculty and staff and is one of the largest private employers in North Carolina. Below are some tools and resources that can help you provide your candidates a better sense about Duke and the Durham area.


Duke's overall benefit plan has long been recognized and valued because of its comprehensiveness and competitiveness in the market. In addition to a robust array of traditional benefits such as health care, dental care and retirement, Duke also offers a wide range of family-friendly and cultural benefits to attract, support and reward the skilled employees that help Duke remain a premier education, research and health care institution.

Benefit Summaries

You may want to download and use the Benefit Summaries below to share with potential candidates to help them understand the programs, services and options available to employees.

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Diversity at Duke

In describing Duke's commitment to diversity, President Richard Brodhead said Duke is a place "where diversity is not measured in numbers only but in the inclusive, welcoming, stimulating climate we all experience as members of this community." For more information, visit the Diversity at Duke website.