All positions must be posted publicly at Duke for a minimum of seven calendar days. Your recruiter can assist with the required seven-day posting, which your department should initiate before any advertising or interviewing begins. The recruiter can also assist with completing the web tool position/requisition process necessary to post the job.

Once the posting period has begun, you can also advertise simultaneously in other publications or websites. The required posting ensures that qualified internal and external candidates have the opportunity to be aware of and express interest in the vacancy. It is important to consider the balance between internal promotion and external recruitment when advertising and identifying potential candidates.

A successful search may require you to actively seek applicants, rather than rely solely on traditional networking or responses to the job posting or advertisements. Explore other strategies to attract top candidates who may not be seeking new positions and will not see web postings and advertisements.

The applicant pool you develop in this step should reflect Duke’s commitment to hiring women and minorities for job categories in which they are underrepresented.

Effective ways to attract diverse and well-qualified applicants include:

  • Inviting internal applicants through an open invitation.
  • Networking with people who may know of qualified applicants, particularly minorities and women.
  • Placing advertisements in appropriate publications or trade journals.
  • Requesting nominations from professional organizations and associations.

Sample Versions

Download sample documents under Tools & Templates to create your own personalized version of recruiting letters, forms, and candidate assessment tools.

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