Run-out Period

You have a run-out period -- ending on April 15 -- to submit paperwork for expenses incurred during the previous calendar year. For example, if you incurred eligible expenses one year, you would have until April 15 of the following year to submit your claim. After April 15, you forfeit any money that was contributed the previous year and was left in your reimbursement accounts. Although you have until April 15 to submit your claims, only expenses from the previous calendar year -- Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 -- are eligible for reimbursement. As an additional reminder, you must be a participant in the plan during the period of time when the expenses are incurred in order to claim them for reimbursement.


Duke Unique IDs replace Social Security numbers (SSN) as your identifier with HealthEquity. If asked or prompted to provide the last four digits of your SSN, provide the last 4 digits of your Duke Unique ID. If you do not know or are unsure of your Duke Unique ID, you can look it up on the Duke Directory.

Duke Directory

Dependent Care Pay Me Back

HealthEquity claim filing service is called Dependent Care Pay Me Back. Through the Dependent Care Pay Me Back service, you can get reimbursed from your Dependent Care Reimbursement Account for eligible products and services you pay for out of pocket.

When to Use Pay Me Back

Some expenses are easier to pay for first, and then get reimbursed. For example:

  • When your provider requires you to pay in advance (before the first of the month during which services will be provided). You may pay for the services as required, and then file your claim after you have received the service.
  • Your provider wants to get paid other than monthly
  • Your expenses vary month to month

NOTE: All Dependent Care Pay Me Back reimbursements will be issued no earlier than the service end date noted on the receipt or documentation, i.e. provider contractor. Recurring Dependent Care reimbursements will require the provider contract as documentation.

How to Use Pay Me Back

  • Pay your dependent care provider as you usually do and save your detailed receipt (or have your dependent care provider sign your claim form).
  • Complete a Dependent Care Pay Me Back form,
  • You can do this online by logging on to your HealthEquity Account. Once you have entered your claim information, you can print the form and mail or fax it to HealthEquity with the receipts, or upload a scanned copy of your receipts to the HealthEquity system for online processing.
  • You can download a paper copy of the Pay Me Back form and Fax your form and appropriate proof of expense to 1 (877) 353-9236 or mail them to Claims Administrator, PO Box 14053, Lexington, KY 40512
  • Check your claims status online anytime by logging on to your personal account (NetID and password required)
  • All claims (including resubmissions) must be received no later than April 15 (the Claim It by date displayed on your monthly statement), to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Claims will be handled per the standard HealthEquity claims processing procedures.
  • Participants will receive an email notification when the form is:
  • Received
  • Received without an attachment
  • Received and the attachment is over the allowed size or in an invalid format (Note: Valid claim attachments must be no larger than 5MB in size and must be submitted in one of the following formats: .TIFF, .PDF, .JPEG, .BMP, .ZIP*)
    *Password protected .ZIP files will not be accepted for processing.

Online Claims Option

Please add your email address to your HealthEquity profile for online delivery of your monthly statement. This will enable HealthEquity to notify you automatically of claims receipt and processing, monthly statement availability, account updates, and when action is required from you. HealthEquity only sends paper statements when requesting Card Use Verification information.

Dependent Care Pay My Provider (Online payment)

Pay your providers directly from your Dependent Care Reimbursement Account using Dependent Care Pay My Provider, an optional way of getting reimbursement.

Why Use Pay My Provider

  • No claims to file; no need to get reimbursed
  • Works like a bill pay service
  • Deducts automatically from your Dependent Care Reimbursement Account
  • Most convenient way to pay for eligible dependent care services on a monthly basis
  • NOTE: HealthEquity sends Pay My Provider checks out once a month on the date you request.

When to Use Pay My Provider

  • You have predictable dependent care expenses each month
  • Your dependent care provider does not require payment in advance (before the first of the month) and will accept monthly payments

How to Use Pay My Provider

  1. Log on to Your Personal Account and enter your Duke NetID and password*
  2. Click on the "Dependent Care" tab
  3. Click "Request Pay My Provider"
  4. Confirm or enter your contact information
  5. Enter your provider information
  6. Enter dependent information
  7. Enter your payment amount
  8. HealthEquity will make the requested payment from your available account balance and mail it directly to your provider.**
  9. HealthEquity will send you an email each time a requested payment is made

NOTE: An itemized invoice or other documentation will be required for any Pay My Provider payment requested. One-time and recurring Dependent Care payments will be issued no earlier than the service end date noted on the receipt/documentation.

EZ Receipts™ Mobile App

EZ Receipts™ is a mobile app that conveniently and easily submits health care and dependent care reimbursement claims to HealthEquity. Install the free App from the iTunes Store or Google Play. Each screen will show step-by-step instructions.

Dependent Care Claim

  1. Enter Provider and First Date of Service
  2. Enter End Date of Service and Select Claim Type
  3. Select Dependent and Enter Amount
  4. Confirm Item and Submit Photo or Get Providers Signature
  5. Get Providers Signature (provider uses fingertip to sign on Smartphone screen!)
  6. Submit Your Claim

Proof of Expense

You must provide proof for each dependent care service listed on your Pay Me Back claim form. You must also always include your provider's Tax Identification Number (TIN) or SSN. Your proof should be appropriate for the type of expense:

  • Recommended proof is to complete Dependent Care claim form and have the provider sign the form
  • If no provider signature is provided on the claim form, attach a formal or informal statement or bill from the provider that indicates the dates of service, care provided and claim amount

Dependent Care Reimbursement for a Duke-contracted Child Care Facility

The amount you can contribute to the Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA) is reduced dollar-for-dollar. Therefore, if the employee receives a subsidy, they can't enroll for that subsidy amount in DCRA, as well. For example, if the cost of child care in 2023 is $5,000 and the employee gets a subsidy for $200, the employee should enroll for $4,800 in DCRA.


  1. Employee pays for child care (post tax payroll deduction) and receives a receipt from the provider.
  2. Employee contributes to the DCRA.
  3. Employee submits receipts from child care provider along with claim to HealthEquity.
  4. HealthEquity verifies claim and pays out reimbursement to employee.