It is recommended that employees enroll in voluntary disability coverage within 30 days after their date of hire or eligibility for guaranteed coverage. If enrollment is attempted at a later date, a "Personal Health Statement" is required for submission by the insurance underwriters. Additionally with delayed application, you risk denial based on your current medical conditions. An enrollment form signed after 30 days from date of hire or eligibility will be considered a late entrant.

If approved, pre-existing conditions for which you received medical care during the 12 months prior to your coverage date may be eligible for a maximum benefit of two weeks.

Please see FAQs for additional information about how pre-existing conditions may impact enrollment.

If attempting to enroll after your 30 days of hire or eligibility, you may attempt to enroll at anytime, and do not have to wait until a special enrollment period or the next annual open enrollment. Please complete the enrollment form and a Personal Health Statement and return the documents to Duke's plan record keeping administrator:

The MGIS Companies
111 South Main Street, Suite 400
Salt Lake City, UT 84111-2176
Fax: 800-497-8249 (toll-free)

Keep a copy of the enrollment form for your records. MGIS will send you a letter regarding your enrollment request. For enrolled employees, the certificate of coverage can be found here.

Effective Date

The effective date of your coverage depends on the date you enroll and whether proof of good health is required. If you:

  • Are a newly hired employee and you enroll within your first 30 days of eligibility, coverage will begin on the first of the month following the date your enrollment form is received by MGIS.  
  • Enroll after this initial eligibility period, you are required to complete a Personal Health Statement, which must be approved by Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company before coverage can begin.

If you are absent from work because of a disability on the day your coverage is to become effective, your coverage will begin when you have returned to active work for one full day.

Your coverage continues as long as you remain an eligible employee, the group policy remains in effect, and premiums are paid. If the group policy or your employment at Duke terminates while you are receiving benefits, your payments will continue as long as you are disabled and eligible for benefits.


Questions about plan administration, record keeping, and payroll deductions may be referred to MGIS at:

(800) 969-6447, ext. 139
9:30 AM to 6:15 PM EST