Duke offers comprehensive disability insurance programs, including both an employer paid plan and voluntary employee paid programs.

Duke Disability

The Duke University Disability Program provides you with income if you are unable to work due to a disability beyond a certain amount of time, called a benefit waiting period. Based upon the Duke entity, the benefit waiting period may be 90 or 120 calendar days. Your benefits will replace up to 60% of your base salary until you are eligible to retire or you can no longer show proof of your disability. Duke pays the entire cost of the plan.

**You are automatically enrolled in the Duke Disability plan on the date you become eligible.

Duke Disability Forms

Voluntary Disability

Duke's voluntary disability plans, which are insured by Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company, replace a portion of your income if you cannot work and become disabled from a covered injury, sickness, or pregnancy. Two voluntary disability plans are available to protect your income as a full-time employee - Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability.

Voluntary Disability (Hartford) Forms

Department Manager & Payroll Representative Info

Within this section is information that can address questions that managers and payroll representatives may have about disability including eligibility, claims procedure, administrative process, and benefits.