Proper attire and shoes can be the difference between a potentially great run or walk or a poor, painful one.

Proper Attire

Here are some tips to keep the heat at bay:

  • Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. Heavy, tight clothes inhibit the evaporation of sweat, which causes the body to loose heat and cool down.
  • Light colored clothing will repel heat from the sun instead of absorbing heat as does dark clothing.
  • Protect your skin with sunscreen and your eyes from the sun's glare with sunglasses.
  • Try to avoid 100 percent cotton shirts. Cotton soaks up sweat and does not let heat from your body dissipate. Opt for the new dry fit shirts that keep your body temperature stable, or run without a shirt, if appropriate.

Proper Shoes

Good footwear can ensure that you have many productive runs and/or walks. Be sure to select a good shoe that provides plenty of heel and ankle support. However, it is important to know that there are two types of feet. The first is the overpronator. Overpronation is when your foot rolls inward. The second type is called oversupinator. Supination is when the feet roll outward. Pronation is the most common, occurring in 64 percent of the population. It is important to try and correct these ailments, because if untreated, foot problems can lead to injuries including runner's knee, shin splints, stress fractures, Plantar Fasciitis, and Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

Tips for shoe selection:

If you are an overpronator

  • A board lasted, combination lasted, or straight lasted shoe
  • Maximum rear foot stability
  • Substantial medial and lateral support
  • Firmest midsoles possible

The oversupinator

  • A curved or slip lasted shoe
  • Low or moderate rearfoot stability
  • Soft midsoles

Shoe stores like Fleet Feet, 9th Street Active Feet, or The Athletes Foot are great places to start. They usually have a good selection to accommodate any type of foot and someone to help you pick the shoe that works best for you and your needs.

Fleet Feet
Carrboro — 919-968-3338
Raleigh — 919-832-8275

9TH St. Active Feet
Durham — 919-286-5101

The Athletes Foot
Durham — 919-403-9668
Raleigh — 919-828-3487

When to replace shoes:

It is recommended that you replace your running shoes every 350-550 miles depending on your weight and what type of surface you run on. Lighter runners can use their shoes longer than heavier ones. Remember, it is important to maintain a good pair of running shoe as to prevent injuries that may force you to stop running altogether.