Workout anywhere with "Wellbeats," an on-demand fitness provider that has nearly 300 classes that range from one to 50 minutes. Classes are divided into 22 channels including circuit and strength training, office breaks, yoga, Pilates and more.

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For further information, a demonstration of Wellbeats can be found here:

How Do I Sign Up?

Visit our Duke Fitness Club enrollment page and sign up for your Wellbeats subscription, just as you would a gym membership.  Once submitted, our staff will be in touch with you within 1 business day to help you set up your payments, and let you know when to expect access to your account.

Membership Rates

$5.00/month, unlimited access

You must pay one month in advance, and fulfill a 3-month commitment before you may cancel your subscription. Because of the 1-month advance, you will not pay any fees for the final month you have access to your subscription.

How Do I Enroll?

Access the registration website to enroll.

If you have questions or encounter any operational issues with this website, please contact LIVE FOR LIFE (919-684-3136, option 1) and we will help you with your application to get you started with your new membership as soon as possible.

If you are a Duke Retiree and would like to join the Club or cancel or change your membership, please call LIVE FOR LIFE and we will be happy to assist you.

How Do I Enroll?

Classes Include

  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Cycling
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Kickboxing
  • Timesaver workouts (15 minutes or less)
  • Office stretch-breaks
  • …and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please note that your log-in will be authenticated via NetID access. You will be prompted to log in onto Wellbeats with your username formatted as "", and you will be redirected to the Duke NetID Log-in page. You do not need to use a temporary password or reset a Wellbeats password at any time. If you do not have NetID access due to an "inactive" employment status (leave-of-absence, retiree, etc.), you will not be able to access this portal. Wellbeats/Duke/LIVE FOR LIFE will NEVER ask for your password.
  • Each month, on the first business day of the month, as well as one additional day approximately 7-8 days into the month, a file will be uploaded to add new subscribers.  Cancelling subscribers will ONLY be offloaded on the file loaded on the 1st business day each month.  Depending on the payroll cycle and the day you submit your request, your subscription may not end right away.  Subscribers will be required to pay one month in advance, therefore service will end approximately 1 month after the cancellation has been received. An email confirmation will be sent to confirm this date.
  • There is a Wellbeats App available on iOS and Android, however it is not compatible with the Duke NetID log in a this time. .
  • If you plan on exercising at home, you may want to purchase equipment such as dumbbells, an exercise mat, or a stability ball, to increase variety and intensity of your workouts.
  • It is the user's responsibility to notify LIVE FOR LIFE right away if a change in employment and/or payment status.