The Fall 2023 program will run from November 13, 2023 to January 7, 2024

Festive Fit Focus (formerly Maintain Don’t Gain) is an eight-week, self-directed program to help our employees maintain their weight-or even shed some pounds during the holidays when it's more challenging to eat healthy foods and fit in exercise.

Every Monday for those 8 weeks, all registrants will receive weekly e-mails with tips for adopting or maintaining healthy behaviors. The e-mails also contain healthy recipes, stress management tools, physical activity suggestions and encouraging messages.

Employees participate by weigh themselves each week & reporting their weight online each week by the end of the business day every Monday. At the end of the program, depending on their amount of submissions they will obtain their respective amount of LIVE FOR LIFE dollars which they can then use to claim prizes from our LIVE FOR LIFE store.