Associate Director, Leadership & Professional Development

Years at Duke: 9

What is the difference between management and leadership?

I have taught management and leadership skills development for over 30 years. Many people often juxtapose these two roles in the workplace today. Management has been described as those individuals who have the operational knowledge and skills to meet the organization’s goals and objectives by getting the work done. Leadership has been described as those individuals who have the people knowledge, skills, motivation and influence needed to inspire and encourage individuals.

What does Duke want from our Leaders?

Duke encourages leadership skills at all levels in the organization, no matter the position. The truth is Duke would not run without the leadership of all employees immersed in the work they do daily. People who are in leadership positions must master both operational skills and people skills. They must have the total package.

What do you love about your work at Duke?

My commitment to Duke is to support leadership at every level and to ensure managers can run the business. Learning and Organization Development has the Duke Management Academy for our entry to mid-level leaders. This is Duke’s investment in our community of learners, a yearlong program to ensure operational excellence across all entities. Please visit the Duke Management Academy to learn more about this program.