Now that you have established the position you will now need to fill it. Contact your Recruitment representative in Human Resources to get the process started. The next steps are outlined in the checklist below. 

All positions must be posted for seven calendar days before a hiring decision can be made. Posting may be within the department if the department will hire from within. (The web posting will indicate the position is an internal posting.) Otherwise, the posted position will be open to external or other Duke candidates. All qualified candidates must be considered for the position. Follow this checklist for the proper procedures.

Duke Recruitment Process and EEO Checklist

Request that the Recruitment Office refer a pre-screened, qualified group of candidates.
Document all selection decisions in Duke@Work Candidate Selection tool for all referred candidates by noting specifically why candidates are not chosen.
Complete the EEO Reporting Form.
If the position is categorized as underrepresented, submit a copy of the EEO Reporting Form to the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) via fax (684-8580).
(To determine whether the position is designated as underrepresented you may check online (Applicant Referral) or contact your Recruiter in Human Resources or OIE (684-1925) for a current list of positions in this category.)
Retain any interview notes (taken in addition to what is input into Applicant Referral) and the EEO Reporting form in departmental files for a minimum of three years.

Who to Call

For any questions, contact your assigned recruiter in Human Resources or the Director of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity at OIE (684-1925).