All temporary employees receive an employee handbook and basic orientation that includes information on timecard procedures, basic safety, and HIPAA and compliance guidelines.

Before assigning a temporary employee, DTS completes pre-employment checks and an orientation to Duke. DTS employment representatives interview potential candidates for temporary assignments and perform the following pre-employment checks:

  • Court record check, including government sanction check
  • DMV checks, verification of licenses/certifications, health screens, substance abuse screen when required
  • Minimum of two references (one must be last or current supervisor), which will be shared with the department

DTS will also conduct an orientation to Duke, provide parking information, and distribute a form that will allow employees to obtain an ID badge. You will want to provide a department-specific orientation when your temporary arrives on the first day.

CHECKLIST -- Before Your Temporary Employee Arrives

  • Alert co-workers that a temporary employee has been requested and will be working with them.  Explain why temporary help is needed and what work this employee will be doing.
  • Designate a department staff member as the temporary employee's key department contact.
  • Prepare the physical work area the temporary employee will be working in.  Ensure it has all the needed material and that the equipment is in good working condition. 
  • If applicable, provide computer access.
  • It would be helpful to have available sample copies of letters, proposals, memo formats, or any other type of documents with which the temporary employee will be working.
  • Be able to provide a list of names/titles and job responsibilities of the employees the temporary employee will be working with as well as frequently needed telephone numbers or extensions.