Sample Versions

Download sample documents under Tools & Templates to create your own personalized version of recruiting letters, forms, and candidate assessment tools.

Offer Letter

All offers made to candidates should be in writing and should contain all information necessary for the candidate to understand the salary, benefits and requirements of the position. The example provides generic language which can be tailored to departmental requirements and preferences.

Make sure the offer letter includes:

  • Salary and any additional financial considerations
  • Position title, department name
  • Start date
  • Any contingent background checks required prior to start date
  • Orientation information
  • Contact person for interim period (other than hiring official)
  • Request for written acceptance or rejection of the offer

Notifying Other Candidates

When notifying the non-selected finalist(s), it is essential to thank him or her for the time and effort expended on behalf of Duke. A personal conversation with the non-selected finalists, especially with those who visited the campus and participated in several days of personal interaction with Duke staff, or with internal applicants who were finalists, is recommended. Always notify the non-selected finalists prior to making a public announcement of the appointment.

Announcement of Selection Decision

Prepare and distribute an announcement about the selection for your department and other work groups as appropriate. Setting the tone for the arrival of a new member of the community is the first step in a successful orientation and acclimation.

Always obtain permission from the candidate before making a public announcement, so that he or she has time to notify the supervisor of the position being left whether at Duke or elsewhere.