At the end of the fiscal year, managers evaluate employee performance using the PEP form. Prior to completing the evaluation, managers have the option of obtaining employee input on a self-assessment form.

Prior to reviewing the completed PEP form with the employee, managers should review evaluations with their manager in order to calibrate assessments relative to other managers and the overall performance of the group. The performance year ends with a discussion of the evaluation between the manager and employee. A new performance year begins with a discussion of goals and development plans for the coming year.

A self-assessment is required for managers, but optional for staff. If used, it should be completed and discussed before the PEP form is completed and approved.

Some of the advantages of a self-evaluation include:

  • Allows for self-reflection on job performance during year
  • Creates opportunity for dialogue about similarities and differences between manager evaluation and self-assessment
  • Provides time for manager to respond to the staff member's self-evaluation.