On occasion, economic or operational factors require a reduction in a department’s workforce. The underlying philosophy concerning any reduction-in-force is that Duke values its staff whose performance meets expectations and who have no current corrective actions when positions must be eliminated.

Where possible, Duke first attempts to redeploy eligible staff into comparable positions in which they meet position requirements. Following this process, Duke will work to sponsor short-term training options in an attempt to provide staff with the skills necessary for their placement into positions of comparable pay. Finally, if redeployment is not possible, Duke will implement layoff provisions.

Any staff directly affected by a reduction-in-force will receive at least a 60-day written notice of a layoff from either a supervisor, entity or department Human Resources representative, and the employee’s department head. This notice will contain information including instructions about staff rights and responsibilities. Staff are expected to work until the effective position elimination date unless an exception has been approved by a staff member’s entity or department Human Resources representative.

Staff rehired by Duke within one year following layoff will retain all benefit eligibility accrued during the prior service period. Continuous Service Dates will remain the same as those prior to layoff. The reduction-in-force process applies to all regular full-time and part-time staff but excludes both staff who have not completed the 90-day orientation and evaluation period and staff whose positions are fully funded by grants or term positions for special projects that have a specified end date (staff must be notified in writing at the time of hire that they are not eligible for severance). Staff layoff and recall rights that are covered by bargaining unit agreements are governed by the provisions of those agreements.

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