Health Screenings

Some job classifications require a substance abuse and/or health screen. When required, DTS will schedule appointments with Duke Employee Occupational Health and Wellness for these screenings.

Work-Related Accidents

If you are injured on the job while working through DTS, you MUST inform your department supervisor when the accident occurs so an incident report can be completed. Within that same work shift, you MUST contact your DTS employment representative.

If the injury requires emergency medical care, immediately seek treatment at the Emergency Room. If the injury is less severe but still requires medical treatment, please go directly to Duke's Employee Occupational Health and Wellness (EOHW) office. The EOHW office is located in the Duke Clinic, Orange Zone sub-basement, Room 00360.

You must complete an incident report during the shift in which the injury occurred and your supervisor should complete a report within 24 hours.

Reminder: If you do not report an on-the-job injury to your department supervisor by the end of the shift in which the injury occurred, you will be released from your assignment and terminated by DTS.

Reminder: Please make sure that you and your supervisor complete an incident report within the specified time frames even if the injury does not require medical care.