Length of Temporary Assignment

Temporary employment at Duke is defined as employees hired to fill short-term assignments for a set period of time. Temporary employees may not work more than 900 hours during the fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Assignments may be of any duration in length as long as the 900 hour limit per fiscal year is not exceeded.

A temporary employee who reaches 900 hours worked during the fiscal year, including work with any department across Duke, will be unavailable for any temporary assignment until the beginning of the next fiscal year.

Applying for Regular Employment at Duke

You may apply for available job opportunities online at the Duke Careers website. As a DTS employee, you are considered an internal applicant.

Transferring into a Regular Position at Duke

You must be employed a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days with DTS before transferring into a regular position at Duke. If you transfer into a regular position at Duke:

  1. You need to notify your DTS employment representative.
  2. You must return your ID badge and all other Duke property.
  3. Your pay rate for a regular position may be different (more or less) than the pay rate you received as a DTS employee.
  4. A probationary period of 90 calendar days is required. The purpose of this period is to provide time to familiarize yourself with your department and job responsibilities.

Termination of Employment with DTS

If you terminate employment with DTS, you must return your ID badge and all other Duke property. Please notify your DTS employment representative in advance if you are planning to terminate employment with DTS.