Memory & History Feedback, Doing Good Update, When to Reclassify a Job

 October 23, 2017

Deadline Extended: Submit Feedback on Memory & History by Friday
Because of the high level of interest in sharing feedback with the Commission on Memory and History, the deadline for comments has been extended to Friday, October 27.  The commission welcomes thoughts on principles to apply when issues arise regarding names of university facilities and monuments on campus -- and ideas for the entrance of Duke Chapel.  All members of the Duke community are invited to share their comments.  

‘Doing Good’ Campaign Ends October 31
Help lead the way to support Durham schools, nonprofits, and neighborhoods by contributing to the “Doing Good in the Neighborhood” campaign and encouraging your employees to join you. The campaign has set a goal to raise $800,000 and have 3,000 faculty and staff participate. 

When Should You Consider Reclassifying a Job?
Do you know what types of changes would justify a reclassification of a job? What changes wouldn’t? We asked an expert in compensation. Find out what he said. 

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