How Do I Receive Donations?

To request a donation from the Kiel Program, just complete a Recipient Application and Certification of Health Care Provider Form (for employees or family members).  The Certification of Health Care Provider form must be completed by your/your dependent's physician and attached to the Recipient Application.  Both forms must be submitted to Benefits for processing.

  • To receive vacation or PTO donations via the Kiel Program, you must meet all eligibility requirements.
  • Vacation or PTO donations will not be transferred from the donor to the recipient until all of the recipient's existing sick/vacation or PTO hours have been exhausted.
  • The donation is paid per normal payroll schedule up to a maximum of 13 weeks (520) hours within a twelve-month period.
  • Manual checks will NOT be cut.
  • In order to be eligible to receive donated leave, the employee must not be under any disciplinary warning or suspension within the last twelve months.
  • Need for donation must be due to a catastrophic medical event which requires the employee to be out of work for at least 4 weeks. Recipients are only eligible to use donated hours after the end of their four week absence and after their paid time off has been exhausted.
  • During an employee's first year of employment, donations must be specified for that employee. Recipients will not be eligible for the general leave pool during their first year of service.
  • The employee's supervisor should indicate the current amount of sick/vacation or PTO (STB) hours on the application.
  • Certification of a qualifying medical condition is required from an eligible health care provider. Conditions that are certified for periods less than 13 weeks (520 hours) are eligible to receive time from the Vacation or PTO STB donation limited to that time certified by the health care provider. If the entire 13 weeks (520 hours) are not used, eligibility may be renewed within the designated 12-month period not to exceed 13 total weeks (520 hours).
  • Benefits will coordinate with Payroll to ensure proper recording and payment of donated Vacation or PTO STB hours.
  • All applications and nominations for leaves, as well as medical information, are confidential and are not included as part of the employee's personnel file. Recipients of donated hours shall remain anonymous unless the donor provides written consent authorizing the release of information.

Important Timelines

For processing of applications, donations, and payment of donations please see the Documentation Processing Schedules.

Coordination With Leaves of Absence

  • The employee's participation in the voluntary vacation or PTO STB donation program does not extend or substitute, but rather should run concurrently with any other approved leave of absence. Nor does it provide a guarantee that the employee will be returned to the same or equivalent position held prior to the leave or of continuing employment, except as provided under applicable law (such as the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, or North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act).

Payment of Vacation or PTO STB Donation and Impact on Benefits

  • The donated hours are paid at the recipient's regular rate of pay and from the recipient's account code(s).
  • Employees receiving other payments such as worker's compensation, short-term disability, or long-term disability provided through Duke's insurance programs will have their Kiel eligibility suspended while receiving such payments.
  • If the employee receives at least the equivalent of 30 voluntary donation hours per week, the employer contributions will continue toward the cost of benefit programs provided the employee continues their portion of premiums where applicable.
  • Once approved, there can be up to a three week period before donations are reflected in the recipient's vacation or PTO bank. Recipients are only eligible to use donated hours after the end of their four week absence and after their paid time off has been exhausted.