Documentation Processing Schedules

In order to ensure that applications, donations, and payment forms are reviewed for processing in time for Corporate Payroll cutoff schedules, all necessary documents (applications, certifications of health care provider, accounting of time away, donations, and/or biweekly payment forms) will need to be submitted to the Benefits Department as follows:

  • To:
  • Please indicate appropriate "Subject line" reason for the email(s) to assist with proper distribution for review.
  • Subject Line (required): "Application for Employee's Name ", or "Donation for Employee's Name", or "Payment Form for Employee's Name".
  • Attach all completed and required documents to the email(s).

Kiel administration can only process properly completed documents received within the deadlines indicated. We encourage you to review each document and its accompanying instructions to confirm that you have included all required information in its entirety.

Note: Please adhere to the schedules and deadlines indicated, as Payroll will not issue manual or off-cycle checks for the Kiel program.

Only the recipient's department can submit Biweekly Kiel payment forms (to HR Benefits) or Monthly Pay Exception forms (to Corporate Payroll).

2024 Schedules

Payment Schedule and Instructions

(For Payroll Clerks and Department Supervisors)

The Kiel recipient's department must submit the Kiel Payment Form (BW) or Pay Exception Form (MO) indicating the dates and hours that the recipient was not at work during the specific pay period where he/she should receive Kiel donations. Please Note: A completed Kiel application and Kiel donation forms must be also be submitted first according to the "Kiel Documentation Processing Schedule" listed above.

PLEASE NOTE: If Kiel Payment forms or Kiel Pay Exception forms are not received by the due date and time as per the schedule, it will result in a denied Kiel payment. Payroll will not issue manual or off-cycle checks.

For Biweekly Recipients

The signed Kiel Payment Form must be submitted to the HR - Benefits department no later than noon on 2nd Friday for the specific pay period.

For Monthly Recipients

The Kiel recipient's department must submit the Pay Exception Form indicating the days that recipient should receive payment for during the specified month. The original signed form must be submitted to Corporate Payroll (705 Broad Street, Box 90484) no later than date indicated below per the schedule in order to impact pay for the desired month.