Cigna Global Health Benefits' Medical Benefits Abroad® (MBA) offers eligible employees and dependents supplemental benefit coverage for unexpected injuries and illnesses that may occur while traveling internationally on Duke business for six months or less.

Coverage under the plan is available without enrollment and at no additional cost for full-time benefits-eligible employees, spouse or same-sex partner and dependent children up to age 26. Employees must have primary coverage through Duke or another insurance provider.

Cigna Essentials

Traveling Abroad?

Prior to Departure

If you are traveling abroad, please visit these sites prior to your departure.

  • International Travel Registry: enables Duke officials to know where and how to contact you in case of emergency.
  • Travel Clinic: offers medical travel advice, recommended and required immunizations, preventative prescriptions, and health advisories based on destination.

Emergency Access

When things go wrong, you have people available to support you and provide assistance.

  • International SOS: offers medical, security and travel assistance 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Services include medical and security evacuations when necessary. International SOS coordinates with Cigna Benefits Abroad for medical evacuation.

What Your Plan Includes

  • Hospital admissions, surgeries, outpatient medical care, and ambulance service for emergency medical treatment
  • Prescription drugs and replacement medicine for lost prescriptions that are medically necessary
  • Medical evacuations in case you require immediate medical attention and adequate facilities are not locally available
  • Personal travel of up to seven days when taken in combination with your business trip
  • Medical care for you and your family members that are traveling with you

Should something come up, call the number on the back of your Cigna MBA ID card to reach the customer service team.

To view a summary of your benefits, refer to MBA Benefits at a Glance. For a full list of what your plan covers, please refer to the certificate of insurance.

Finding a Doctor or Hospital Abroad

You can find doctors and hospitals from the Cigna global directory of pre-screened health care professionals whenever you need them – even before you need care. You can also identify doctors and hospitals that bill Cigna directly. That means less money out of your pocket. Simply look below the doctor’s contact information for a note that says “direct settlement may be available.” If so, all you need to do is present your Cigna MBA ID card.

If direct billing is not available, the doctor or hospital may accept a guarantee of payment from Cigna and will then file the claim directly with Cigna – reducing the need for you to submit any paperwork or pay in full for your care. Your doctor doesn’t need to have a previous agreement with us to request a Guarantee of Payment. All you have to do is ask the doctor if they will accept it. Then, they simply call Cigna with the request at the number on the back of your Cigna MBA ID card.

In situations where the doctor does not have a direct billing arrangement with Cigna and they will not accept a guarantee of payment, you can still receive care. After your visit, simply complete a claim form along with the eligibility verification form, and clearly state how you would like to be reimbursed. Instructions to file a claim are provided on the form.

And when you are traveling outside of your country of residence to the U.S. and need to receive emergency care during your visit, it is important that you show your Cigna MBA ID card to the doctor or hospital. This ensures that the doctor and hospital can reach Cigna at the dedicated MBA phone line to verify your benefits. The result? You get the right care, even quicker.

7 Ways to Reach Cigna Medical Abroad
Username: 05449BMBA
Password: Cigna1
Toll-free telephone number+1.800.243.1348
Direct (collect calls accepted):+1.302.797.3535
Toll-free facsimile number+1.800.243.6998
Direct facsimile number+ 1.302.797.3150
Mail DeliveryCigna
P.O. Box 15111
Wilmington, DE
19850-5111 U.S.A.
Courier DeliveryCigna
300 Bellevue Parkway
Wilmington, DE
19809 U.S.A

Cigna Envoy

Your MBA plan gives you access to one central online resource that is tailored exclusively for your needs: Cigna Envoy for international business travelers. You can access information on some 200 countries before you even leave for your trip. You can easily research:

  • Currency and exchange rates
  • Immunization requirements
  • Security alerts
  • Voltage requirements
  • Country weather and time
  • Disease prevention tips

To access Cigna Envoy:

  1. Go to Cigna Envoy
  2. Click on "Medical Benefits Abroad (MBA) Plan" listed below International Travelers on the Customer Login screen.
  3. Log in by inserting the User ID: 05449BMBA and Password: Cigna1

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay for Medical Benefits Abroad?

There is no cost and no enrollment process for the coverage through Cigna’s Medical Benefits Abroad. Eligible employees only need to download a group ID card for the Medical Benefits Abroad program with Duke’s policy number.

Do I or my dependents have to be covered by one of Duke’s medical insurance plans to receive coverage through Cigna MBA?

Cigna MBA is designed to supplement your primary insurance, so you and your dependents must have health coverage through Duke or another insurance provider.

If I am covered through Duke Options or one of Duke’s other medical insurance plans, should I still use the Cigna MBA plan?

Yes. The Cigna MBA plan will limit your out-of-pocket costs or the need to pay upfront for services and then file for reimbursement.  If you use a provider in the Cigna global directory of pre-screened health care professionals, the cost is billed directly to Cigna. If direct billing is not available, the doctor or hospital may accept a Guarantee of Payment from Cigna and will then file the claim directly with Cigna. Otherwise, a claim form can be submitted to Cigna for reimbursement.