Vaccinations and Travel Health Review Policy

Policy Statement

Faculty and Staff who travel on Duke related business will need to receive appropriate vaccinations and health review prior to their travel. In an effort to provide improved access and to assist in managing the institutional cost associated with travel and vaccination, a new service has been developed through Employee Occupational Health and Wellness.

Consistent with University reimbursement practices, the applicable Duke cost center or program will pay for direct costs associated with obtaining the necessary vaccinations that are recommended for travel to non-U.S. destinations when the assignment is a requirement of, or directly related to, the current position at Duke*. Vaccination costs for dependents remain the responsibility of the employee. Vaccinations and other interventions that will be covered are those recommended by Duke Employee Occupational Health and Wellness.

Policy Details

Employee Occupational Health and Wellness provides travel-related health services to employees who must travel abroad on Duke related business and will refer employees to other resources when necessary. Employees should contact EOHW well in advance of anticipated travel as vaccinations may sometimes entail a series of inoculations. EOHW will bill costs to the appropriate department. EOHW can provide service to spouse and children 18 and over. Costs for spouse and children can be billed separately.

The first step in assessing the recommended/required vaccinations for the destination would be for travelers to complete the travel form. If questions or problems arise in completing the form, please contact EOHW at 684-3136 (option 2).

Further information about specific entry requirements, including information on passports, visas, immunizations, medical information, and additional fees may be found at Travel.State.Gov or via the government website of the country of your citizenship.

*Excludes all sabbaticals except as allowed under faculty discretionary accounts. Vacation travel would also be excluded from University funding.

Policy Number: 11.02

Issued Date

May 20, 2011


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