All premiums effective January 1, 2024.

Note: Dental care coverage does not include an Employee/Children option. You may cover any number of eligible children in the dental plan by choosing the Family option.

Dental Premiums

 IndividualEmployee/ ChildEmployee/ SpouseFamily
PPO Plan Premium$39.21$76.20$78.47$118.79
Plan A Premium$46.04$89.45$92.13$139.47
Plan B Premium$12.18$24.82$24.37$45.24

COBRA Premiums

 IndividualEmployee/ ChildEmployee/ SpouseFamily
PPO Plan Premium$39.99$77.72$80.04$121.17
Plan A Premium$46.96$91.24$93.97$142.26
Plan B Premium$12.42$25.32$24.86$46.14

COBRA - Additional 11 Months Coverage

 IndividualEmployee/ ChildEmployee/ SpouseFamily
PPO Plan Premium$58.82$114.30$117.71$178.19
Plan A Premium$69.06$134.18$138.20$209.21
Plan B Premium$18.27$37.23$36.56$67.86

Health, Dental, and Vision premiums are deducted one month in advance. Duke does not prorate premiums. Your health premiums are based on coverage in effect the last day of the month.