For biweekly paid employees, premiums/contributions are deducted from the following pay periods in the month:

 First Pay PeriodSecond Pay PeriodEvery Pay Period
Health Benefits* X 
Dental Benefits*X  
Vision Plan*X  
Reimbursement Accounts  X
Long Term CareX  
Supplemental Life InsuranceX  
Voluntary DisabilityX  
Personal Accident InsuranceX  
Retirement Plans  X
Universal Life InsuranceX  
Personal Casualty Insurance  X
Duke Credit Union  X
Flex Card X 

*Health, Dental, and Vision premiums are deducted one month in advance of coverage.  Duke does not prorate premiums.  Your health premiums are based on coverage in effect on last day of month.  All other premiums pay for coverage for the month in which the deduction is taken.