Employees that have an on-the-job injury may be eligible for benefits - including medical care and income replacement - under workers' compensation. The information on this web site is intended to help answer questions you may have regarding how the workers' compensation process works.

Because your questions are likely to be different depending upon whether you are the employee that experienced the injury or the employee's manager, the information below has been tailored to address questions you may have from these different perspectives.

Workers' Compensation Resources

How Workers' Compensation Works

Employee Information

  • When Accidents Happen - The focus of this section is to answer your questions about where to get medical care, filing an incident report, what to put on your time card, as well as other questions that may be on your mind and resources available to assist you.
  • If Unable to Work - The focus of this section is to answer questions you may have about your workers' compensation benefits as well as medical treatment when an injury causes you to miss work.
  • Returning to Work - We want you back. The focus of this section is to answer your questions about returning to work at Duke as well as letting you know your rights if a rehabilitation professional has been assigned to help facilitate your return.

Manager Information

  • When Accidents Happen - Your employee was injured and you know there is a process that needs to get activated quickly. The focus of this section is to put detail around this process and answer additional questions you may have.
  • If Unable to Work - When the injury is so severe that your employee can't work, even with restrictions, you likely have additional questions. The focus of this section is to help answer those additional questions.
  • Returning to Work - You need your employee back and their treating physician has released him or her to return back to work, though it may be with some work restrictions. The focus of this section is to help answer the questions you may have regarding your staff member's return.

More Information

The Workers' Compensation office in Duke's Human Resources Department administers the workers' compensation program for Duke University and Duke Health System. For more information about Workers' Compensation, please refer to the Workers' Compensation and Return to Work from a Work-Related Injury/Illness policies of the HR Policy Manual. You may also feel free to contact one of the following Duke departments directly for assistance:

Workers' Compensationworkerscomp@duke.edu(919) 684-6693
Employee Occupational Health & Wellness (919) 684-3136
Occupational & Environmental Safetysafety@mc.duke.edu(919) 684-2794
Duke Ergonomicsergonomics@mc.duke.edu919-668-ERGO (3746)
Disability Management System (919) 668-6213