How do I find the LIVE FOR LIFE office?

The LIVE FOR LIFE office is located in Duke Clinic in the sub-basement of the Orange Zone (Room 00320).

How do I join LIVE FOR LIFE? Is there a fee to join?

This is a commonly asked question. Officially, there is not a membership to LIVE FOR LIFE. Any Duke employee that is eligible for benefits can participate in any of the free programs or services that are offered throughout the year at no cost:

  • My Health (appointment required)
  • Run/Walk Club (pre-registration required)
  • Nutrition Consult (appointment required)
  • Fitness Consult (appointment required)
  • Smoking Consult (appointment required)

Some programs require a fee:

  • Duke Fitness Club (pre-registration required)
  • Smoking Cessation Program (pre-registration required)
  • Chair Massage (appointment required)

Can my family use LIVE FOR LIFE services?

Dependents, spouses or same sex spousal equivalents of Duke employees are eligible to join the Duke Fitness Club. All other LIVE FOR LIFE services are reserved for Duke employees who are eligible for health benefits.

What is a My Health screening and how do I schedule one?

Each Duke employee is eligible to receive at least one My Health screening a year which consists of Total Cholesterol, Glucose, Blood Pressure, Weight, Percent Body Fat, Health Risk Assessment, nurse review and consult and individual health goals. My Health is available in at the LIVE FOR LIFE office in the Duke Clinic by appointment and on a rotating basis in various buildings in the medical center and campus. Call 684-3136 (Option 1) or visit the My Health web portal for more information.

How can the My Health web portal help me in reaching my health goals?

To help make smart decisions about your health try Duke's My Health wellness portal. My Health features include: personalized home health page, automated daily health calendars, computed, customized personal fitness assessment, trackers for important health measures, healthful "Tip of the Day" email service, connection and interaction with LIVE FOR LIFE specialists, relevant and current health headlines at your fingertips.

What is the Duke Fitness Club?

As part of Duke’s commitment to promote health and fitness, we have expanded the Duke Fitness Club to offer discounted memberships at fitness facilities throughout the Triangle for individuals and families. The Duke Fitness Club offers a broad range of options:

  • 15 facilities in 49 locations - convenient to work or home
  • Group Exercise Classes ranging from cycle, water, flexibility to aerobic classes
  • Broad range of hours to workout
  • Single, couple or family memberships to meet a variety of lifestyle needs
  • Saunas, steam rooms, juice bars and more
  • Payments can be taken as Payroll deduction, credit card, checks, or cash

You can enroll in any of the participating facilities included in the Duke Fitness Club. Visit the Duke Fitness Club website or call 684-3136 (Option 1)

What is the Run/Walk Club?

The Run/Walk Club is a 5k - 1/2 marathon walking, running/walking, and running program for all Duke employees. The Run/Walk Club is 12 weeks long and meets as a group twice a week after work. The Run/Walk Club is for all fitness levels and focuses on group motivation and support. Visit the Run/Walk Club website or call 684-3136 (Option 1).

What will I receive in a free fitness consultation and how do I schedule an appointment with a fitness specialist?

As a Duke employee, you are eligible to receive two free fitness consults a year with the LIVE FOR LIFE fitness specialist. You'll have the opportunity to complete a fitness assessment and/or develop an individualized fitness program that will help you meet your goals. A 20-minute phone consultation is available for those with a busy work schedule.

To schedule a fitness consultation, call 684-3136 (Option 1).

What will I receive in a free smoking consultation and how can I schedule one with the health education specialist?

As a Duke employee, you are eligible to receive a smoking consult with a health education specialist. You'll develop an understanding of your readiness to quit smoking and discuss program options that could help you quit smoking. To begin working with a quit coach, complete our health risk assessment here. Once complete, you will be invited to join our coaching program and will have a quit-coach assigned to work with you. Participation in this program is required in order to take advantage of our low and no-cost treatment options.

What will I receive in a free nutrition consult and how can I schedule one with the dietician?

As a Duke employee, you are eligible to receive two free nutritional consults a year with the LIVE FOR LIFE dietician. You'll develop a foundation for a healthy eating plan that takes into account your fitness level, nutritional needs and health goals. Contact the LIVE FOR LIFE office to schedule your appointment at 684-3136 (Option 1).

What is chair massage and when is it available?

Because of its portability, chair massage offers a more affordable and accessible form of massage therapy that is frequently offered in the workplace. This type of massage addresses the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands of a client. LIVE FOR LIFE offers chair massage appointments every Thursday afternoon from noon to 4 p.m. On-site department massages are also available. For more information or to make an appointment, call 684-3136 (Option 1) or visit the chair massage web site.

The LIVE FOR LIFE staff is available to take any additional questions that you may have through email or telephone correspondence.

Or call 684-3136 (Option 1)