Whether you are just starting being active or want more advanced training, LIVE FOR LIFE fitness staff can provide fitness consultations to help you determine a suitable exercise program that will motivate you to accomplish your goals. To schedule your free fitness consultation call LIVE FOR LIFE AT 684-3136, option 1, or fill out an online request. 

Types of Fitness Consultations

Goal-Setting and Q&A

(15-25 minutes. Can be completed via Zoom or in-person)

Best for Remote workers, those with physical limitations, and/or high cardiovascular risk factors

  • Chat about fitness concerns/questions with a LIVE FOR LIFE Fitness Specialist
    • Through motivational interviewing, our Fitness Specialist will be able to identify pressing concerns and set attainable goals.

Fitness Testing and Body Composition

(15-30 minutes. In-person only)

Best for those looking to improve their fitness; interested in testing outcomes

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) fitness testing options:
    • Cardiovascular Recovery: 3 minute Step Test
    • Flexibility: Sit and Reach Test
    • Core Endurance: Curl-up Test
    • Upper Body Strength: Push-up Test
  • OMRON Body Composition Scale
    • Detailed representation of total body composition
    • Breakdown of muscle (lbs.), body fat (%), visceral fat accumulation, and BMI
  • Quick goal-setting help based on testing outcomes and health risks.