Whether you are just starting being active or want more advanced training, LIVE FOR LIFE fitness staff can provide fitness consultations to help you determine a suitable exercise program that will motivate you to accomplish your goals. To schedule your free fitness consultation call LIVE FOR LIFE AT 684-3136, option 1, or fill out an online request. We are changing our online booking platform from Qualtrics to Microsoft Bookings for appointments September 1st and on. Please register with the appropriate link below.

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Types of Fitness Consultations

Goal-Setting and Q&A

(15-25 minutes. Can be completed via Zoom or in-person)

Best for Remote workers, those with physical limitations, and/or high cardiovascular risk factors

  • Chat about fitness concerns/questions with a LIVE FOR LIFE Fitness Specialist
    • Through motivational interviewing, our Fitness Specialist will be able to identify pressing concerns and set attainable goals.

Fitness Testing and Body Composition

(15-30 minutes. In-person only)

Best for those looking to improve their fitness; interested in testing outcomes

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) fitness testing options:
    • Cardiovascular Recovery: 3 minute Step Test
    • Flexibility: Sit and Reach Test
    • Core Endurance: Curl-up Test
    • Upper Body Strength: Push-up Test
  • OMRON Body Composition Scale
    • Detailed representation of total body composition
    • Breakdown of muscle (lbs.), body fat (%), visceral fat accumulation, and BMI
  • Quick goal-setting help based on testing outcomes and health risks.