Senior Recruiter

Area of Responsibility

School of Nursing; Sanford School of Public Policy; Neurobiology; Ophthalmology; Facilities Plan, Design & Construction; Office of Regulatory Affairs and Quality, Nicholas School of the Environment, Durham External Affairs.

Favorite place at Duke?

Sarah P. Duke Gardens. It is peaceful, beautiful, and quiet when in full bloom.  I love color, and it presents with fantastic colors. Being a Durham native, it is one of the places Durham Public Schools would give us permission to do as a field trip.

Why did you join Duke?

Ever since I became of age to work, I wanted to work at Duke.

I had family who worked here, and they liked it and stayed for years.  My dad’s twin sister retired from Duke. Two of my mother’s sisters were nurses and retired from Duke.  I had two brothers and a multitude of cousins who worked at Duke. I only heard good things from people I knew who worked at Duke.

I am a life-long learner, and an educational institution is a place where I could continue to learn.  If I had to choose an institution, I chose Duke because it is the gold standard for me. I have been applying to Duke since I was 22 years old.  I am happy to be here.