Reference & Background Checks Policy

Policy Statement

A job candidate's offer of employment is contingent upon proper completion of Duke's online application, satisfactory reference checks, and satisfactory pre-employment qualifications - including background checks, education verification (when required), governmental sanction checks and required health and drug screens. The hiring supervisor is ultimately responsible for verification of the finalist's work background, attendance, performance, credentials, and health and drug screenings (where required). Duke Human Resources is responsible for conducting the criminal history, government sanctions, and motor vehicle checks (when required) at the offer stage for each finalist who has been recommended for hire.

Policy Details

Background Checks

All finalists who have been recommended for hire will undergo criminal conviction review and government sanction checks. Duke Human Resources will conduct the criminal record and government sanctions checks at the offer (contingent) stage for each finalist who has been recommended for hire. As a condition of employment, the finalist is required to complete a form that authorizes Duke to have a criminal conviction investigation performed.

Conviction(s) revealed through the background check may not necessarily result in a bar to employment. All convictions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, considering the nature and gravity of the conviction, time elapsed since the conviction, and job-relatedness.

Policy Number: 02.09


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