Non-Solicitation Policy

Policy Statement

For safety and privacy reasons, staff are prohibited from soliciting for any outside activity or organization during work time unless the solicitation is approved by Duke and is in accordance with the requirements and restrictions of this policy. Duke defines solicitation as including verbal or written communication, raffle tickets, for-sale merchandise, e-mail distributions, circulars, handbills, or other kinds of literature.

Furthermore, staff should not use Duke computer and communication systems and materials - including inter-department mail, e-mail, telephone, fax, supplies, or other related workplace equipment for any purposes not directly related to workplace business and/or activities without the expressed approval of a supervisor. Posting or distribution of non-work related materials should be limited to non-work areas during non-work times. Non-work times include break periods, meal times, or other specified periods during the workday when staff are not expected to be performing their work tasks.

Policy Number: 04.14


Workplace Expectations & Guidelines Policy