Duke's policies on recruiting, hiring, and transferring to other positions within the Duke community are designed to provide a fair and equitable process resulting in the appropriate match of a staff member's skills, knowledge, and experience with a given position's job requirements. This hiring and transferring process includes the following priorities:

  • To identify and attract qualified and diverse applicants
  • To give preference to qualified Duke staff - particularly to those who are affected by a reduction-in-force, layoff, or return-to-work due to worker’s compensation
  • To encourage the career growth of current staff

When planning a staff recruitment, a hiring supervisor should ensure the job description is up-to-date, determine if the position has an affirmative action hiring goal, and then begin the recruitment process by considering priority candidates and internal candidates. The hiring supervisor should consider and interview all qualified internal applicants - especially those who are on redeployment, layoff, or return-to-work status.

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