Use of Computing & Electronic Resources Policy

Policy Statement

Access to and use of computing and networking resources at Duke are privileges extended to members of the Duke community. Access to Duke's computing and networking resources is limited to authorized users for approved purposes only. Such resources include computer hardware and software, computer-based files and data, and all networks – including the Internet. Approved purposes are those consistent with both the broad instructional, health care and research goals of Duke and with the user's relationship with the institution.

Policy Details

Access and Use

At certain times, Duke may find it necessary to access and disclose information from computer and network users' accounts (to the extent required by law) in order to uphold contractual obligations or other applicable institutional policies or to diagnose and correct technical problems. For this reason, the ultimate privacy of messages and files cannot be ensured. In addition, system failures may lead to a loss of data – so users should not assume that their messages and files are secure.

Neither Duke nor its agents restrict the content of material transported across its networks. While Duke does not position itself as a censor, it reserves the right to limit access to its networks or to remove material stored or posted on computers when applicable Duke policies, contractual obligations, or state or federal laws are violated.

Duke computers and communication systems must not be used for:

  1. Solicitations, chain letters, sexual or ethnic jokes or slurs
  2. E-mail stalking, threats, or harassment

Use of Duke computers or communication systems for any of the above actions may result in corrective actions up to and including termination. An extensive policy that authorizes access and security provisions is available from the Office of Information Technology (OIT). To obtain a copy of this policy, please contact this office at 684-2200 or refer to the office's web site.

Policy Number: 04.10


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