Express classification enables entities to create new positions or reclassify existing positions specified in an agreed upon listing of job classifications. This program expedites the position management process for positions/classifications that meet certain criteria and that are frequently created or reclassified.

Criteria for Jobs Eligible for Express Classification

  1. Classification must currently be in existence
  2. Typically part of an established clinical ladder or career pathway with a review ladder committee and/or have specific competency, licensure/certification, and education requirements. (i.e. Pharmacist, Clinical Nurse, Nurse Practitioner).
  3. Position is in a department that already has incumbents in the classification and has a high volume of activity in the classification.

Supervisory and exempt administrative/managerial classifications are not eligible for express position management.

What the Department Needs to Validate

  • Classification is appropriate for function described based on licensure or registrations required for the position
  • Classification is already used in organizational unit
  • Budgetary approval of position
  • Position attributes are correct - Exempt/Non-Exempt, Employee group and subgroup, Personnel Subarea (i.e. PRN)

Additional validations required for reclassifications:

  • Validates person meets minimum qualifications for new classification
  • Appropriate ladder approvals have been obtained (ladder committee, department approval, etc.)
  • Timing of reclassifications that include an exemption change cannot be retroactive in order to pay for all hours worked
  • Effective date should be the first day of a pay period

After the Classification Process

  • Creating new position
    • iForm enters SAP as a new position.
    • Department may now start the requisition process for job posting.
  • Reclassification of a position
    • Position enters SAP under a new classification.
    • If position is filled, process Rate and Schedule change form for employee in iForms.
    • If position is vacant, department may now open a requisition to begin recruiting process.

Adding a Classification to the Express List

To request to add a classification to the current express list, submit the request to R&R for review.

  • R&R will discuss the request with operational leadership and, if approved, make necessary changes in SAP for the appropriate company codes.

Lists of Approved Express Classifications by Entity