Officially welcoming your new or transferring employee on their first day in the department helps them feel valued and respected.  Introduce them to the team, their onboarding buddy and other key people. The first few weeks are critical in establishing a strong foundation for your newest team member, reassuring them that they have made the right choice in coming to work at Duke.

The following are recommended strategies and actions to use during the new or transferring employee’s first day through their first weeks.  For additional suggestions, go to Tips for helping new employees succeed.

ActionDay OneFirst Weeks
Greet New Hire or Transferee on Day One and review onboarding planX 
Introduce employee to teamX 
Introduce employee to BuddyX 
Provide overview of job X
Review work space, equipment, tools, and logistics X
Coordinate socialization event: bagel breakfast or lunch for new hire and all team members X
Provide Welcome packet/giftsX 
Provide tour of facilityX