The manager plays a very important role in ensuring the new staff member’s success during the orientation process, particularly in the first 90 days of employment (known as the Orientation and Evaluation Period for New Hires or the Trial Period for transfers within Duke). You are usually the first to have contact with the new staff member and are often the most influential in the development of a new staff member's attitudes and impressions. Frequent communication and engagement between you and the staff member is essential during this stage. The time spent developing and implementing plans for the staff member’s first months on the job will greatly increase the chance for a successful start.

Throughout the first 90 days, the staff member determines whether or not the position meets his or her expectations, and you determine whether or not the staff member possesses the knowledge, skills and necessary competencies to perform satisfactorily in the position. During this time, you should observe and monitor performance and provide timely feedback. The staff member should also regularly seek advice, counsel, and feedback on his or her performance from you.

The following are recommended strategies and actions that may be implemented during the employee’s first 90 days in the position:

ActionDay 30Day 60Day 90
Schedule 30, 60, and 90 day manager meetingsX  
Obtain signed copy of Duke Staff Handbook Acknowledgement of Receipt and Confidentiality Agreement. Keep in department personnel file.X  
If employee is internal transfer, obtain department personnel file from previous departmentX  
Conduct 30 day manager meeting to review employee questions and establish performance expectations/goals. Ensure employee is becoming acclimated to department and position responsibilities.X  
Provide training on any systems required for job responsibilities (Outlook, SAP, etc.)X  
Set up 1:1 meetings with key department contacts as appropriate to occur within first 90 daysX  
Send reminder of 30 day deadline for benefits enrollmentX  
Conduct 60 day manager meeting to review progress of employee towards performance expectations/goals X 
Conduct 90 day evaluation meeting and form (end of Orientation and Evaluation or Trial Period). Decision should be made by supervisor to recommend successful completion of review period, extension of review period for 30 days, or discharge because of unsuccessful completion of review period.  X
Request feedback from employee on effectiveness of onboarding process  X
Develop growth/action plan for first year  X