As a manager, you are typically the closest and most credible source of information for those you supervise. They come to you with their questions. That's why it's important that you can help address questions about pay, benefits and the unique aspects of Duke's work environment.

Understanding and communicating Duke's compensation package can help you:

  • Attract the best people: be better able to explain to your top candidates how Duke's total compensation and unique work environment stand out;
  • Keep your top performers: be able to compare the total compensation of other organizations so your employees better understand the value of their pay and benefits at Duke;
  • Enhance commitment: improve the motivation and effort of your staff by increasing their understanding and appreciation of the many benefits of working at Duke.

Presentation Counts

Ultimately, how Duke's total compensation package is perceived is more than just knowing the basic ingredients - it's in how the information is presented. That's where managers come in. As a supervisor, you have an important responsibility and opportunity to affect the perceptions among staff about Duke's pay and benefit programs.

As a manager, you should be able to explain the fundamental elements of Duke's total compensation package and correct misperceptions and inaccurate statements. And while you shouldn't recommend retirement choices for your employees, you should be able to help them understand that they have remarkably robust retirement benefits and what steps they should take to maximize these benefits.

If you have a question from an employee you can't answer, need help analyzing a pay or benefits issue, hear something that is inconsistent with your understanding, or want to compare notes, there are people here to help you. Contact your HR representative or call Duke Human Resources at 684-5600 to talk with someone who can help.

What's in Your Duke Wallet?

We take a look at the elements of total compensation to help employees understand their net worth at Duke.

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